Could You Be A Marketing Mentor?

At BizTrek, we’ve done things differently since we started over 25 years ago. Perhaps we were a bit ahead of our time, but we’ve always thought stellar marketing people wanted more than just a job. We believe that stellar marketing people want to be part of something important; to do something important; and to be paid like they were important.

We think stellar marketing people want more than life in a corporate cubicle. We think they want more than sitting on airplanes week after week. We think they don’t want to be stuck in a “business straightjacket” with few options to reach their fullest potential. Rather, we think the right people are willing to relaunch their career by betting on themselves and their skills.

BizTrek Marketing Mentors become shareholders and partners

So, if you’re looking for a traditional job with a traditional salary and benefits, then we’re not the place. However, if …

  • You have a mature passion for marketing, and

  • You want to escape the corporate rat race, and

  • You want to take control of your income, and

  • You want to take control of your time, and

  • You’d love to train and guide ambitious business leaders,

… then we might be a match. BizTrek has been a crusader for the 12 Triggers marketing flywheel since 1994 and we’re looking for like-minded professionals who are able to guide and counsel ambitious business leaders through the 12 Triggers strategies and tactics.

Deciding Whether To Become A Marketing Mentor

Could You? Should You? Some Preliminary Details!

First, you can join the BizTrek team no matter where you live. Using modern video-conference technology, we can cultivate and serve clients anywhere in the world (our primary focus is on the USA and Canada).

Second, we bring you in under the BizTrek umbrella and team framework. That means we treat all BizTrek Marketing Mentors as semi-independent partners. You’ll have the freedom to decide how much you work, when you work, and how much you’ll earn. Certainly we will have some mutual expectations and understandings, but we designed our unique approach to help BizTrek’s clients get the best possible result from the best possible BizTrek Marketing Mentor.

If you think you have what it takes to be a high-level marketing mentor while functioning within a progressive team framework, then let’s open a discussion. It certainly won’t be business as usual.

Then … Let’s See If Now Is Right

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