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Would you love to train and guide ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals?

Would you prefer to be a mentor who’s using a proven marketing program?

Would you like to take FULL control of your income and time?

Hanging out your shingle as a professional marketing mentor can be a satisfying and lucrative career option for a skilled and experienced marketing professional or a former entrepreneur ready to move into a new phase of life.

If you’ve been on the front lines of day-to-day business marketing for a while, and you’re in the position to do something different, then “ReLaunching” as a professional marketing mentor can be a wonderful option.

BizTrek’s 12 Triggers have been deployed for more than 25 years in hundreds of different industries and locations. The system works very well … in the right hands!

BizTrek Marketing Mentors become shareholders and partners

Over the years since our launch in 1994, we’ve learned that just showing the online courses to someone is not enough. Information alone is not enough. What matters most is how that information is used and leveraged. The “why” and “how” is just as important as the “what.” To gain optimal value and impact, every student of the 12 Triggers marketing process needs a skilled mentor guiding their path.

Accordingly, we have developed the BizTrek 12 Triggers curriculum so it can be used by any independent marketing mentor in the world who would like to work with ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals. Once duly vetted, we will give you full access to the courses as well as provide a support network with private guidance so you can build your own thriving practice.

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