A Deeper Dive Into Scientific Marketing

Once people grow to understand the basics of Scientific Marketing and BizTrek's 12 Trigger process, they ask for expanded training. For that reason, we've created a catalog of 9 courses and resources that will give you a more enhanced understanding of each Trigger.

These are all "on demand" self-study courses that you can navigate at your own speed. There are 9 courses and you should plan about 20-30 minutes to study the course and an additional 45-90 minutes to complete the associated workbook and action planner. 

How fast can you go? That depends on you and the urgency of your situation.

We tend to see people fall into two "types" when studying our courses. Type 1 people have an urgent need and often study one course per day, thereby finishing in about 2 weeks. Type 2 people face a less urgent scenario, so they generally study one course per week, thereby finishing in about 2 months.

When you're stuck on a revenue plateau or Growth Ceiling, you often need to take quick action to avoid looming disaster. It's never pretty for businesses who get stuck for too long.

If you're ready to blast through your current (and future) Growth Ceilings, and boost your company's profit and wealth, then these "deep dive" online courses will help you achieve a more prosperous orbit for your business.

You'll discover and harness a powerful and reliable marketing formula which will help ensure that your marketing tactics all perform at the highest possible level. These courses reveal the scientific processes that fuel true business wealth. Once you understand and apply each strategy, you'll be on your road to a more enjoyable and wealthy future. You'll have a brand you can be even prouder of!

Save $100 - Consider the Master Package over two weeks (daily plan) or 2-1/2 months (weekly plan)

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