How To Become A Marketing Mentor

BizTrek has been a global crusader for the 12 Triggers marketing mindset and process for 25 years and we’re looking for success-minded marketing professionals.

If you’re interested in launching a prosperous private practice, then we'd like to show you how to leverage BizTrek's proven and powerful processes and tools to help change the world — one entrepreneur at a time.

STEP 1: Master The 12 Triggers

BizTrek Certification

Why try reinvent something that already exists?

As more entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the dangers of the Piñata Marketing mindset — and the importance of process-driven marketing practices in their businesses — they have begun looking around for like-minded LOCAL marketing professionals who can provide practical and affordable guidance.

You could be the one they call and we’d like to help you make sure they do!

BizTrek’s Mentor Certification process is open to anyone who would like to begin guiding other entrepreneurs through the 12 Triggers mindset using the courses, processes and tools we have have developed over the last 25+ years.

There are NO licenses, royalties, dues, or quotas etc. required. It's your business and you run it your way! All of your mentoring income remains yours!

BizTrek’s Mentor Certification process is a one-time personalized training program designed to provide you with the skills and know-how needed to excel as a local marketing mentor.

If you have a heart for helping people grow their business, and you want to find a way to stand out in the field, then we'd like to open a conversation with YOU.

STEP 2: Join Our Brain Trust

BizTrek Guild

Once you have have become certified, you will then be invited to join our optional online community of like-minded professionals.

Our team at BizTrek will regularly provide exclusive training materials, course and program updates, technology suggestions, lessons learned, and leading edge thoughts about new and emerging trends.

Additionally the BizTrek Guild provides a safe place for sharing ideas and for discussion of best practices. This mutual support approach allows mentors to maintain high standards when delivering services to their clients.

Finally, the BizTrek Guild also serves as a braintrust and problem solving venue. If you ever encounter an issue that you’re not sure how to handle, then you can pose the challenge to the other Guild members. Fellow members will then ask questions and propose possible solutions for you to consider.

In this way, the Guild serves as a tool to help every member become more skilled and creative when utilizing and teaching the 12 Triggers process. By sharing ideas and issues, every member of the group becomes more skilled the longer they participate.

The bottom line is that you won’t face the insecurities many entrepreneurs feel. You’ll know there is a reliable team of like-minded peers who aim to help you succeed.

P.S. No physical travel is required to become certified. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll work with a personal BizTrek trainer who will meet with you using various teleconferencing (i.e. Skype or Zoom) and online resources to make sure you are well equipped to begin your mentoring practice.

Let’s Start Talking About Getting You Certified

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