Frequently Asked Questions


A: BizTrek is company and community that fosters a powerful Scientific Marketing mindset to grow businesses. Our process or system can be used to learn (or teach) how to make better marketing decisions.

Q: What Does BizTrek Do?

A: Members of our community generally take the D-I-Y approach, but we also work with other savvy and scientifically-minded marketing mentors, sales coaches and business consultants who use the ReLaunch Code to help people make better marketing decisions. Our goal is to see many more people use scientific thinking to quickly boost brand growth, profits, and wealth. 

Q: How do you teach people about the ReLaunch Code?

A: We provide self-study resources that explain how the ReLaunch Code works and then provide deeper knowledge about how to use it within any business venture. 

Q: How do I know if BizTrek is right for me now?

A: Here are the three most common things we hear before someone begins learning the ReLaunch Code:

  1. "Our growth flat-lined! We felt like we were stuck."
  2. "Our sales teams kept complaining they didn't have enough leads!"
  3. "Our profit margins were shrinking!"

Q: What makes BizTrek different?

A: We believe that many startups and small businesses would be worth much more money, and provide much more profit to the owners, if they simply knew how to stop the "Piñata Marketing" guesswork and use Scientific Marketing processes to make better marketing decisions.

Q: What Do You Mean By "Piñata Marketing"?

A: Piñata Marketing is a term we coined many years ago to describe the approach used by disoriented entrepreneurs (and/or their sales managers) who blindly swat their marketing stick at a piñata bag of random tricks and tactics which they hope will spill abundant riches with just the right stroke. Sadly, they often waste energy and completely miss the mark as they flail about. That wild and unfocused tendency means they often miss key opportunities and fall short of true potential, resulting in significant loss of wealth (and even failure). BizTrek's Relaunch Code prevents that!

Q: In A Snapshot, What Is The ReLaunch Code?

A: The ReLaunch Code is a proven and scientific "trigger-based" approach to marketing that shows you exactly what steps must be taken to increase revenues, profits and wealth. You'll also learn how to do them, and when to put them in motion. 

Q: Are BizTrek's Ideas Really "Unique"?

A: In all candor, the fundamental principles of business development, marketing, and sales have always been true and will continue to be true. Basically, you are dealing with proven elements of human psychology and sociology, coupled with appropriate and effective communication mechanisms. The key to the success of BizTrek's ReLaunch Code is a novel and easy-to-use framework and process for understanding, automating and leveraging tactics on an everyday basis.

Q: Is There Anyone Else Like BizTrek?

A: We cannot exactly claim that ours is the one and only way because there are certainly lots of business gurus in this world. Options and opinions abound! However, most of those "experts" typically fall into the piñata trap of "make it up as you go" thinking based on their personal experiences across just a few business ventures. These advisers may provide wise counsel, but they really don't have a proven and scientific self-study formula that delivers reliable results across diverse industries, scenarios and continents. We do! BizTrek's ReLaunch Code has been applied in hundreds of different industries with consistent success. The ReLaunch Code puts startups on profitable CRUISE CONTROL quickly and easily. We don't know of another similar option.

Q: How Long Has BizTrek Been Around?

A: BizTrek was organized in 1994 by Gil Gerretsen. We are based in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. During our first few years, we just focused on teaching the ReLaunch Code to local companies, but by the end of our first decade, we had expanded across the Eastern United States with offices in 20 cities. In our second decade, we moved our approach to the online world and expanded our reach across the USA and Canada. Now, in our third decade, we're training business leaders all around the world.

Q: I'm A Member Of The Media. Do You Have Any Resources I Can Use For My marketing Story?

A: Certainly. Just let us know what you are working on and we'll quickly take care of it. Please use our Contact Form. If your deadline is near and you prefer to call, please feel free to reach out using our phone number shown at the bottom of this page.