#GILism - 190119


Too many people in the modern world have lost the ability to enjoy civil conversations with people who think differently than them. An increasing tendency is to create mutually exclusive environments where all others become enemies. When we build barriers that keep differently-minded people away from us, we close ourselves off from diversity of thought and ideas. Such behavior, in turn, causes us to miss or neglect new business and life opportunities because we didn't think of them.

Yes, there are times that some people will say or do things that enrage us. Yes, it can be painful to sometimes discover that we are wrong. Yes, everyone naturally wants to win a derbate, but sometimes, we’re actually made better by losing some debates here and there. Make a conscious decision not to be one of those people who blocks or avoids all people who disagree with you. Seek to understand why people think what they think, and seek to determine if they are willing to have a civil discourse. You cannot change the fool who listens to no voice but their own, but you can find many who understand that two ears are indeed more valuable than one mouth.

#GILism - 190117

People tend to expect that tomorrow will be much like today, but history shows us that the constant stream of unexpected things will keep our lives in a constant state of flux. We must not settle into a comfort zone that makes us fearful of change. Rather, each day is like a free lottery ticket given to us by God. It is up to each person to seek out the opportunities that come with each new day.

Every new day rarely comes empty-handed. Some days will be painful, some will be tolerable, and some will be incredible. Often, the difference between those days is how you choose to react to the circumstances that you bump into. Each day will reveal itself according to your expectations, mindset, and emotions. If you decide to have a good day, a good time, and have a song on your lips, then each new day will bring welcomed opportunities.

#GILism - 190115


Set aside the destructive or limited thinking that you’ve held in the past and put yourself into a position where you can achieve real and lasting success. Be fair and honest with yourself and work diligently to keep your dreams and goals in view. Maintain your determination and focus. Don’t let naysayers drag you down. Remember that F-O-C-U-S stands for “Follow One Course Until Successful.” Never let go of your dream and vision.

History’s path is strewn with failed people who did not stay focused and on track. Those people may have been great starters, but they proved to be poor finishers. The race isn’t always won by the fastest people out of the gate. The ability and willingness to stay the course is ultimately far more critical to winning the race.

#GILism - 190112

You must commit from the beginning to never give up, no matter what it takes! Every person dreams of great success and prosperity, but most of those people fail to fulfill those dreams because they ignore or don't understand the critical importance of accepting personal responsibility for them. To win in business and life in general, you must be willing to pay the price of the success.

The greater the success you desire, the greater the price that has to be paid. Your price will be measured simply in terms of the courage required from you to push forward in spite of the naysayers and obstacles, in the setting of a clear and practical goal, and the determination to reach it.

#GILism - 190110


More and more people lack the critical training needed to build a prosperous livelihood. You’ll see this truth in the news as stories of failed or marginalized enterprises surface almost daily. There are always countless people who neglect the preparation process and then curse their luck or rant against fate and “the system.” They miss opportunities that come their way because they’ve made no attempt to understand how the world of business really works. Such people will drift steadily lower and lower on the social and economic scale.

Fortunately, there are many more who refuse to be victims of circumstance. They abhor the idea of being mere drifters on the sea of life. Such people appreciate that their desires are indeed available to them and will back that insight with action and determination to reach out and grab the rewards so well within their reach. You can reach the peak of your ambitions if you diligently nurture your existing skills, cultivate important new ones, and strive to decrease your weaknesses.

#GILism - 190108


From infancy, everyone plays various forms of psyche wars and it’s as much a part of daily reality as eating or sleeping. Some people remain undisciplined in their application and tend to stumble often. Others seem to be unconscious naturals and tend to do fairly well in life. However, the world’s most accomplished leaders have studied and mastered the nuances of manipulation and misdirection and raised it to an art form.

If your opponents (and everyone has them) always knew what you had planned, they would set to work right away to counteract your tactics. As a result, you’d never achieve any of your aspirations and desires. If you watch sports teams, politicians, and business leaders, you’ll quickly discover that the most successful ones have mastered this skill. To survive and prosper, you too must make diligent efforts to understand and master the nuances of these arts.

#GILism - 190105


Many people (especially entrepreneurs) are natural problem solvers and often take it upon themselves to attack and solve a problem that nobody has even asked them to solve (yet). When you discover a problem, step back and ask yourself whether it is indeed your problem to solve. If so, then analyze the issue to determine what caused it. Then, what caused that? Keep peeling back the layers to find and understand the root cause. Only then should you explore options and develop the optimal solution.

#GILism - 190103


Success will never come to you just because you seek to will it into existence. Don't expect to step into a magical transporter machine that whisks you to the end destination. Rather, success comes to people who have polished their craft and strengthened their focus to endure the certain trials and tribulations on the path toward their destination.

Successful people begin by creating a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. Then they diligently remove everything that does not fit into that picture. They seek out people and resources who can help them fine tune and then amplify their skills. It's almost a universal reality that you start out by walking, then running, then you ride a bicycle, then you get a car, then an airplane, and eventually you find yourself sitting in a rocket.

#GILism - 190101


Most of the human population lives conditionally. In other words, the conditions around them dictate how they feel. When you care about what others think, you are trying to control a condition that you can’t control. You will NEVER be able to control what others think. So stop trying. Stop caring about it.

The only thing you can control is how you feel and react. Therein lies your power. When you are attached to what others think, you enslave yourself to them. Give it up. Turn your focus on what you want your life to look like. Contemplate you space on this planet. What value can you add to the world? Then make that your ultimate target.

#GILism - 181229


Years ago, one of my mentors told me that the person I’d be in five years depended heavily upon the people I hung around for the next five years. Choose badly and I would have bad results. Choose well and I would have good results. When I asked for a deeper explanation, he taught me that what I put into my mind, and what I think about, will determine who I will become. The people I associate with have a great deal of influence upon what I think about. To manage what I think about, I must manage who I include in my orbit.