Join The Scientific Marketing Community

If you've completed the ReLaunch Course and made the decision to become a Scientific Marketer rather than a Piñanta Marketer, then you are welcome in our special community.

Once you've left the world of Piñanta Marketing behind and entered the world of Scientific Marketing, you'll notice that the world still keeps changing. You need to stay on top of those changes and understand what they might mean. You need to keep your skills sharp and relevant.

That's what the ReLaunch Guild helps you do. As a Guild member (it's free), you'll gain access to specialized courses and resources designed to help you better understand new trends and how they might impact your business. The world of commerce never sits still, and neither should you. Any loss of momentum gives your competitor an edge. Their  edge can become a wedge and suddenly your customers are at risk.

The world will still throw you some turbulence. That's why we created the ReLaunch Guild. Simply use this easy form to register once you've completed the qualifications. We will validate your request and then provide access instructions.

If you want to take a "deeper dive" into each of the 12 Triggers, you can access our ReLaunch Catalog at any time. You'll be notified of other new resources by email whenever they are made available.

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