Cutting-Edge Guidance To Fuel Profits

It seems to be human nature. It's easy to revert to old habits and start blindly swatting your marketing stick at a piñata bag of random tricks and tactics which you hope will spill abundant riches with just the right stroke. You know better, but you do it anyway!

That's why we created the ReLaunch Guild. It's the best way for course graduates to stay sharp and in-tune with cutting edge ideas.

Each month, we introduce fresh insights related to one of the twelve triggers. In January we focus on Trigger #1. In February we focus on Trigger #2. The process continues all the way to December when we focus on Trigger #12. You get the idea, right?

All graduates will receive a free monthly "Tip Sheet" designed to get you thinking about emerging trends and tactics.

Graduates will also receive access to a monthly online course which provides a "deep dive" into an important area of focus.

Why is the Guild important? It's simply because the world keeps changing. Nobody can rest on their laurels.

Wise and savvy entrepreneurs make sure they are plugged into new trends and tactics. They take time to contemplate the impact of those changes and how they might be used to advantage. Then they take appropriate action for their business.

So ... let us help you stay sharp. Guild membership is automatic for all graduates. How you use it is up to you.