(By Gil Gerretsen) If you look at world-class companies, they have mastered the art of doing everything they do in such a way that all key functions are pretty much on autopilot. No matter how large the business grows, world-class companies can always produce a predictable result. They have everything tightly refined and automated. They are not constantly reinventing their business model. This includes their Mechanical processes (producing a consistent and reliable end result), their Monetary processes (cash flow and reporting), their Manpower processes (getting optimal performance from their people), their Marketing processes (a steady flow of revenue) and their Management processes (leaders who lead effectively).

On the other hand, most budding entrepreneurs and professionals are constantly fiddling with their business model and processes. Their customers never know for sure what to expect from them. Likewise, their employees never know what to expect either. Constant reinvention is a leading cause of business failure. Certainly every business needs to make modifications now and then, and every entrepreneur or professional may need to adjust their plans during their launch (or relaunch), but the urgent goal should be to standardize all key functions and put them on autopilot. Don't succumb to the temptation of constant change. Build it well and then focus your energy on putting your business machine into the revenue fastlane!