Memo To All BizTrekers

We may owe you an apology! We may have neglected you - and forgotten a vital business principle.

Here's what's going on. In a world that feels increasingly disconnected, each of us must remember that business is ultimately about relationships. As BizTrek has grown from a local to regional presence, and then national and now international, I think we've somewhat lost sight of this important rule.

You may be guilty of the same with YOUR customers!

People do business with other people. They don't do business with companies, but rather with the people who represent those companies, even if they are invisible to them. Customers seek to feel a sense of connection for their buying decisions. This is even true when we choose commodities like fuel for our cars.

When we place corporate activity and mass technology ahead of the people we ultimately serve, we create a sense of disconnection. The company, and their people, loses relevance to their audience and customers. The sphere of influence starts to decline, and in time, so will revenues. If companies are stuck at a growth ceiling, this is a common reason.

So what can you (and we) do about it? The first step is to start rethinking how and why you do what you do. Have you started to neglect the people who made you successful? Have you stopped doing the good things you once did? Can you reinvent or rediscover your processes to rekindle the love that has been lost?

Here at BizTrek, we've been thinking about this for a while. Growth makes it much harder to nourish those close relationships that were so much fun in our early years. It was easy to share a cup of coffee with a new friend here in Greenville, SC. It is much harder to do that with a new friend in Scotland or Australia or Chile.

Yes, we need to make some changes to bring the spark back and then also share that spark with more new friends. It will take some time, but we're already moving down that road.

Yes, we may both need to make some changes with our audiences and customers as well. Fortunately, our experience is that our nearest and dearest friends will still be there. One of the best things about human relationships is that we cherish the oldest ones the most. We get really happy when old friendships are restored.

Take some time this week to look at your business relationships and culture. Has your business become disconnected and aloof? Has your heart lost some beat? If so, what steps can you take soon to rediscover the joy and connection you once knew?