(By Gil Gerretsen) Some people call it the marketing diving board. Others call it marketing myopia. Basically, it's a singular or narrow-minded marketing disorder that focuses only on a particular marketing tactic to grow a company.

Seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals know that no single method of marketing will be enough to reach and motivate the vast majority of their prospective customers. In fact, you'll need a diversified range of tactics to use on a consistent basis. More than one, or two, or even three. You'll need a balanced blend of perhaps 10-12 marketing activities to use on a consistent basis.

Big companies can waste and throw a lot of money around, but smaller businesses with smaller budgets need wisdom on each marketing tactic or channel. You need a strong commitment to a realistic plan that invests adequate resources of both time and money. Use the coming holiday and planning seasons to evaluate what you are doing and whether it is well-diversified.