(By Gil Gerretsen) Self-made billionaires understand from the beginning that people are always watching them, so they manage their messaging very carefully. Customers are watching. Potential investors are watching. The world is watching. The internet and social media has forever changed the way people communicate. It provides vast amounts of information about individuals and businesses, so great branding and message clarity is vital.

Perceived value must be simple to communicate, understand and share. Don’t make people work too hard for it either. Good customer management and relationships are important, so the focus is on giving them what they need, even if they didn't fully know it yet. Front-line or boots-on-the-ground marketing and sales is one of the last leadership behaviors they let go of. Often, they see it as their most important role.

Likewise, they're not as interested in what other people say as much as what they do. Behavior reflects true messaging. Andrew Carnegie famously said "As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do." So, make sure your brand and messages can be easily shared. Be genuine in all things and educate people about your own creation. The message is the master.