To: The ReLaunch Guild and Friends
From: Gil Gerretsen, President
Date: October 30, 2016
Subject: Does your attitude towards risk cause lost opportunities?

Most self-made billionaires might seem like inveterate risk takers. However, in general, they are distinguished not by the level of risk they take, but by their attitude towards risk. They acknowledge risk in almost all activities, but view risk in relative terms rather than absolute terms. By contrast, most people measure risk in absolute terms. For example, "Will this business succeed or fail?" Self-made billionaires consistently view risk in terms of which option presents the greatest opportunity. If the opportunity is right, but it is a risky venture, they’ll look for ways to mitigate the risk. To them, it’s a greater risk to lose the opportunity. Opportunity foregone is one of the riskiest things you could ever do.