Memo To All BizTrekers

When listening to self-made billionaires, they state that the most important tactic is to punch through and change the status quo. Not once, not twice, but continuously. They recognize that opportunity comes with change, and as a result, they must be comfortable with change. In fact, they prefer to be the initiators of change. They like going against the grain and seek to do things the way other people don't do them. They seek breakthroughs where nobody else is looking or expects it to be.

They look creatively at the status quo to find new sources of revenue. That mindset also requires a thick skin. Changing the game and upsetting the status quo invites criticism. As Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) once said, "If you never want to be criticized; for goodness' sake don't do anything new."

Disruption takes into account multiple factors: the customer experience, the strategy and systems, the terms of the sale and the deal, or the ownership and distribution. In redesigning an existing product, disruptors will tackle physical look and feel, underlying technology, manufacturing and distribution, pricing, business model, and sales pitch. They will also redesign the ownership and deal structure to fit the opportunity. Everything is open to revision! There are not, cannot be, any sacred cows. Make sure you've had your hide "tanned" a few times first so you're ready for the critical naysayers.