(By Gil Gerretsen) Have you ever noticed that picking up and checking your mobile device gives you a little chemical kick? Researchers have noted that when you do so, you get a tiny shot of dopamine. However, that little chemical response does not last long. So, when you interact with your audience, keep it short, because reader enjoyment goes down fast.

More than half of mobile device users now rank brevity as a crucial factor in reading messages and then responding or sharing. We are constantly bombarded with messages on every front, so anything that takes more than about 30 seconds bores us. We no longer have the patience to go longer. If you have more to say than fits in this tiny window of opportunity, segment it into multiple messages, or even spread it across different interactive platforms. (BTW this message is 215 words).

So what will people look at, and then share? Two thirds (67%) will engage with something that triggers an emotional reaction or laughter. Almost as many (60%) will share something that is helpful or informative. Finally, about 60% will respond to something that hits a deep personal nerve. If you want to stand out from the crowd, capitalize of people's low expectations and surprise them with something they value.