(By Gil Gerretsen) Can you get rich doing whatever you are passionate about? Although will tell you yes, the world really doesn't quite work that way.

Entrepreneurs who make it big find a place where they can create passion. Both for themselves and for others. They discover and establish a clear long-term (as well as short-term) picture of how they are going to change the world -- or their community -- or their industry in some significant way. That "discovery" then becomes their passion. Their passion follows their conscious process of exploration. They find something the world needs and that need then drives their passion!

Ultimately, however, it’s about more than money for them. They want to make a difference in the lives of people, and the business is a just a vehicle to make that change happen. Earning a profit makes it extra worthwhile. Wealth makers keep their focus on what they are sharing with the world. They cannot be stopped and can’t help but share their message with everyone. They have a deep internal need to tell all.

That insight about passion leads to another critical discovery about successful entrepreneurs. Their mission and story gets repeated by their fans. The business is able to create a WOW presence with the people they serve. They build a loyal and vocal following within their target community who, in turn, recruit other fans to the company.

Face it, word-of-mouth is the ultimate (and dominant) form of marketing. Every entrepreneur dreams of their product or service going viral, yet very few accomplish it. A business that designs itself from the outset with “Share Flair” will go a long way towards long-term success and profitability.

Even more importantly, if there isn’t anything about your business for people to rave about, then you are likely to languish in relative obscurity producing a pauper’s income.