(By Gil Gerretsen) In our work with entrepreneurs and salespeople, we often see that their natural inclinations are to tell people about their product or service in a logical and forthright way. Unfortunately, that's not why or how people become interested in new products or services. Logic only becomes relevant after the emotions have been triggered.

Here's the little sign you should put in your office. WIIFM = What's In It For Me!

To bring clarity to WIIFM, you must understand that people's emotions are best reached through images and feelings. Strong images create an emotional reaction. Strong reactions or experiences in turn bring up deep-seated feelings that trigger certain behaviors. If you understand that vital process, you'll need to know the E-CUBED Formula -- Entertain + Engage + Enrich.

To capture people's attention and interest, you must first provide a measure of entertainment (images, stories, humor etc). To draw them into closer orbit rather than see them spin away, you must then engage them (trigger an emotional response). Once sufficiently engaged, they will instinctively begin seeking information that will enrich their life in that specific arena. As you continue to enrich their life, a bond of trust and preference will be established.