(By Gil Gerretsen) The key to sustained marketing success is the ability to make your business development processes self-regulating. What does that mean? Your goal should be to establish processes that do not need constant revision and supervision. They should be able to produce reliable, consistent, and predictable, results. You need to create a marketing machine that runs on auto-pilot!

When leading and embarking on a ReLaunch effort, imagine that you are not part of the business. Look at everything from the outside and create systems accordingly. You must break the "we've always done it that way" viewpoint. Your future customers don't care about that!

Ask yourself what your various marketing processes need to look like and how they will work. Integrate successful marketing practices and remove unsuccessful or unpredictable tactics. Cultivate and refine tactics and practices that are capable of working without you.

Your goal is to create a marketing system that is unique for your company. You don't want to sound and act like the others in your industry. You need to stick your neck out and stand tall. Think of the giraffe on the African plains. Be different. Stand tall. Be visible.