(By Gil Gerretsen) Last weekend, my wife and I were visiting the quaint mountain town of Saluda, NC. This town has one main drag that is the place for tourists to go. There's certainly some great Christmas shopping opportunities. While making our rounds, my wife noticed this store down one of the side streets. It elicited quite a conversation. She walked over to it, but ultimately decided not to enter. She was in a buying mood yet decided this store did not appeal to her. It did not draw her in.

Do you see the problem? First, it is next to impossible to figure out what kind of store it is. When I finally got REAL close to the sign I discovered it was a cafe. It sure didn't look like it from the outside. The sign should have SCREAMED COFFEE! Rather, it looked like a knick-knack store ... and not a very appealing one at that. Lesson to learn? Make sure it's real easy for people to understand what you do ... in a glance. Don't make them work too hard to figure it out. They won't bother.

Store Trouble.jpg