(By Gil Gerretsen) I was meeting with a member of BizTrek's 1-1 War Room this morning and we were discussing the power of the Triad Principle. If you're not familiar with that principle, it basically states that people absorb and remember things most easily in clusters of three. 

Think about phone numbers. The 3-digit area code? Yup, we can handle that. The 3-digit exchange code? Yes, we can do that too. The 4-digit line code? That one becomes much harder to recall, and the one people are most likely to get wrong.

Scientific marketers should use this principle. When presenting new ideas or information, use groups of three. If you have multiple clusters, build three clusters of three. Go back to those phone numbers.  Three clusters, right?

Have you used this principle on your web site? On your brochures and other marketing materials? If not, then perhaps they need to be redesigned. We've used it extensively on the BizTrek.com web site, Go check it out and see how it feels to YOUR brain and then leave us a note about your reaction.