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If you are like most people who arrive at this page, you were referred by a ReLaunch course graduate who already receives these PepTalks. So thanks for accepting their wise counsel. The process for adding your name is simple and we're pretty confident you'll know what to do. 

If you're wondering what these PepTalks are, then here's a brief overview and explanation:

1) How Often? Typically once per week on Tuesdays.
2) How Long? Typically something you can read in less than 25 seconds. 
3) What About? We provide brain food and encouragement about ways to boost your brand.

Anyone can request inclusion. If you want to explore prior PepTalks, you can do so HERE.


We have two ends with a common link. 
With one we sit; with one we think. 
Success depends on which we use. 
Heads we win; tails we lose.

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