The Coming Death Of Content Marketing

By Gil Gerretsen

They say "Content Is King" right now. I think that's a bunch of malarkey! Everywhere I turn, I see lots of people and companies generating masses of content that nobody looks at or cares about. It reminds me of the same people who think that huge numbers of social media fans somehow equates to more revenue (it seldom does).

We live in a world where more and more people are looking for ways to REDUCE the clutter. They are overloaded and bombarded with stuff from well-meaning people who truly provide no value. Those "content providers" never see the light of day or are banished to the trash bucket with a second or two!

So ... if content is NOT king, then what is? Memorize this next phrase and embed it into your company culture. RELEVANCE IS KING! Building new (and trusting) relationships is the key to success. It does not matter how much content you pump out. Some people who pump out far less are likely outperforming you because they are finding ways to be relevant.

Content Marketing Must be Relevant

So, with that in mind, here are 7 ways you can be relevant:

1) Be a source for new ideas: The world moves fast, so we all need a way to keep up with fresh ideas to feed our brain. Use those ideas to build personal 1-1 bridges to people who can benefit from those ideas.

2) Show the way to a better future: Everyone has aspirations to make their life better and we need folks who help us get there. Use your newly established bridges to cultivate true relationships. Say hello.

3) Be a micro-specialist: There are a lot of social communities (hobbies, sports, careers, skills) that interest a deeply embedded network of loyal fans.

4) Provide wise counsel: We like to know what smart people think and why they believe it. Express your opinions, but be willing to change your mind when other people show you a better perspective.

5) Help people feel good: The world around us can feel heavy at times, so we enjoy people who lighten the burden. Work some humor into your work. Show newfound friends that they'd enjoy hanging out with you.

6) Be a center of debate: Sometimes spirited dialog with others helps us make sense of things and work through or modify our own opinions (yes, even politics and religion).

7) Be a targeted news channel: Many of us don't trust the big guys. We want to know what people on the front lines of our community or industry see and think.Keep your eyes open for interesting things.