Are You Waterboarding Your Prospects?

By Gil Gerretsen

Have you noticed how many companies (and people too) just spew forth large quantities of blah, blah, blah content? You look at it and wonder "What's the point?" I know we get a lot of it in our office, much of it from businesses with whom we have no prior history (and no interest in). So why do they do it?

They do it because most of the marketing evangelists in today's world espouse the theory of "drip marketing." It feels like an everyday version of waterboarding. It's torture on the recipients because it provides no clear value. Isn't that how you feel too? Torture when you check your email. Torture when you check Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter (or whatever else you use). No matter where you turn, there's torture.

Are they wrong? Well yes and no. It is certainly true that if a business remains out of sight, it remains out of mind. People won't buy from you if they don't remember you are there. So businesses think they need to bombard prospects and customers with stuff. I think they have the wrong mindset.

It should not be a matter of constantly staying in front of them. That's just meaningless noise and people have become very good at ignoring it. Rather, the goal should be to design a consistent and ongoing campaign to keep people in your target audience talking about you. Give them news or stories to discuss with their peer network. Make them wonder about things. Explore some controversy. Set plans in motion to get a reaction!

That can be hard work, which is why so many marketing folks don't bother. They take the easy road and just continue to spew forth thoughtless content ... over and over and over. If you're stuck in that trap, stop! Rethink what you're doing! Then relaunch with something worthwhile on a schedule that makes sense for you and your audience.