Why Most Entrepreneurs Won’t Get Rich

By Gil Gerretsen

The giver mindset is one of the biggest distinctions between people who create wealth and those who do not. They are givers before they ever become receivers. Success is all about how much more value you give to people than you take in payment. Wealth and influence follows abundant giving like a magnet.

Trust is lavished on people who seek first to serve others before serving themselves. That trust converts into productive business relationships and sustainability, which gradually converts to financial wealth too. Wealthy people have influence, but their greatest influence came before their wealth. They first developed influence because they wanted to make a contribution to the world.

The marketplace can quietly distinguish between people are primarily focused upon their own needs versus those who are primarily focused on the needs of others. But there is one other crucial component too! Influential and wealthy people simply touch more lives.

Market Share Thinking Focuses On Influence Versus Wealth

Wealth creation and influence is not solely a question of value and abundant giving, but rather a question of impact. The more lives you touch in a favorable way, the more you will be rewarded. A business that serves a small community (even if they do it very well) will only produce a modest amount of wealth. However, a business that serves a large community or segment of the population very well will be richly rewarded.

This last insight ultimately determines how much people earn. Look at companies like Apple and Starbucks. Their founders created companies who are good at what they do, but they also changed the lives of many people. Now take a look at your business. How many lives can you change for the better? What changes could you make to positively impact far more people?