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Do You Know The 12 Triggers That Maximize Business Cash Flow & Valuation?

The #1 SECRET Multipreneurs use to grow businesses faster, easier and with less risk

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Cruise control marketing for multipreneurs

INSIGHT! The best Multipreneurs focus most intently on activating a set of "automated" growth tactics.

Over the past 20 years, we've noted that great Multipreneurs focus on installing a set of operational and marketing practices that lets them maximize cash flow and valuation. They often don't care about being the next big thing. They simply want to create a predictable and valuable profit stream without being handcuffed to the business.

Cruise control tactics for multipreneurs

What do most Multipreneurs see as being KEY to achieving maximum cash flow and business value?

The #1 key to building maximum business value is finding a reliable and consistent way to tell their business story to people who then want to buy. Often, they've created or acquired a great product or service, but if the story doesn't get shared properly, the business never prospers. Achieving reliable business wealth requires effective story telling.

Cruise control marketing for multipreneurs

HOW do the best Multipreneurs approach their "story telling" differently?

Top Multipreneurs don't leave anything to chance. Randomness cannot create wealth. They use "Scientific Processes" for every part of the business - including marketing. Less skilled entrepreneurs use the "Pinata Approach" - blindly swinging their idea stick hoping to make a lucky hit. Wealth is impossible until that blindfold comes off.

Why multipreneurs need systems

WHY does BizTrek bring "Cruise Control" into reach?

BizTrek's 12 Triggers system helps Multipreneurs save time and grow their businesses faster, easier and with less risk by applying a scientific mindset to business storytelling and marketing. The application of proven processes to business growth opportunities allows trained practitioners to reliably out-wit, out-perform and out-earn the competition.

Multipreneur marketing courses

WHERE should I start?

The BizTrek 12 Triggers system has been proven across hundreds of industries in the USA and Canada. The first step you should take is to learn how you can apply the principles to your business. Begin with BizTrek's Multipreneur Secrets package (manual and video) to see how the system works - and then begin making that system work for you.

Whether you are already a successful Multipreneur or even a "fastlane entrepreneur",
it is both wise and critical that your know and master the 12 Triggers of business wealth.

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