Things People Often Ask Us

Q: What is BizTrek?

A: BizTrek is a training and consulting firm that works with the founders and leaders of progressive and ambitious companies seeking to disrupt the status quo and boost their market share.

Q: When is the right time for BizTrek?

A: Typically, there are three indicators that a company needs to rethink it’s approach to marketing.
1) Stagnation - Evidenced by performance below potential and lack of progress from the existing marketing team.
2) Disappointment - Evidenced by the loss of a major client, big contract, or important opportunity.
3) Envy - Evidenced when a peer or competitor hits it big and you don’t.

Q: What do you mean by "Piñata People"?

A: Piñata People and Piñata Marketing are terms we coined many years ago to describe the erratic approach used by unprepared business leaders and poorly-informed advisers who blindly swat their marketing stick at a piñata bag of random tricks and tactics which they hope will spill abundant riches with just the right stroke. Sadly, they often waste energy and completely miss the mark as they flail about. That wild and unfocused tendency causes them to miss key opportunities and fall short of their true potential, resulting in significant loss of wealth (and even failure). BizTrek's 12 Triggers can help prevent that from ever happening!

Q: So what exactly are the 12 Triggers?

A: The 12 Triggers are simply a time-tested and reliable marketing system that company leaders can use to boost market share by changing the status quo in their marketplace. Each of the 12 Triggers builds upon the one before to establish a powerful marketing machine, much like a set of stairs would take your from one floor to the next.

Q: How do I know when BizTrek's 12 Triggers are right for me?

A: The optimal time to begin will be reflected in your revenue pattern. If you’ve hit a growth ceiling (revenues have flatlined), then NOW is a crucial time. To avoid a downturn and restore growth and gain market share, you must modify your marketing methodolgy, especially if you’ve been a piñata marketer in the past! If you’re nervous about taking such an important step, consider reading the ReLaunch Code book by Gil Gerretsen (BizTrek’s Founder and CEO). This book outlines key elements of the 12 Triggers.

Q: How do I begin?

A: Once you’ve decided that you need to move forward, please contact us to discuss your situation and establish a 1-1 schedule. Most companies find the costs quite reasonable — especially compared to the significant market share improvements they achieve.

Q: Is there anyone else like BizTrek?

A: We don't know of another similar option. There are certainly lots of savvy marketing gurus around the world, but we’re not aware of a similar approach to learning and deploying a proven marketing process. The core difference is that most advisers still fall into the piñata trap of "make it up as you go" thinking based on limited track records across a few ventures. Such folks often cannot consistently replicate past successes. That effectively makes you their latest “lab rat.” They may be delightful people and have good insights, but they don't have a proven system that delivers reliable results across diverse industries, scenarios, cultures, and continents. We do! BizTrek's processes have been applied in hundreds of different industries and locations with consistent and reliable success. BizTrek’s processes will help you gain market share faster, easier, and with less risk.

Q: How long has BizTrek been around?

A: BizTrek International, Inc. was launched in 1994 by Gil Gerretsen, so in 2019 we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. We are headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Initially, we taught our system to local business leaders, but by the end of our first decade, we had offices in 20 cities. In our second decade, we modified our approach towards online training and mentoring, allowing us to more quickly expand our reach across the USA and Canada. Now, in our third decade, we're actively in the process of serving clients across the globe.