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Would you like to put your marketing experience and wisdom to practical use by helping others prosper?

Then you should be part of the BizTrek Co-op.

Would you like to help local entrepreneurs grow their business faster, easier and with less risk?

Then you should be part of the BizTrek Co-op.

Would you like to build a lucrative personal and local practice that lets you live a life of amazing freedom?  

Then you should be part of the BizTrek Co-op.

BizTrek has been a pioneer and crusader for the Scientific Marketing mindset for 25 years. If you're a process-minded marketing professional, coach or consultant (or want to be), then we'd like to show you how to leverage BizTrek's Master Classes to build a lucrative personal consulting or coaching practice in your community.

As more entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the importance of Scientific Marketing practices in their businesses, they have begun looking around for like-minded LOCAL coaches and consultants who can provide practical and affordable guidance. You could be the one they call.

Note: There's NO licenses or fees or dues etc. required. If you have a heart for helping other entrepreneurs in a meaningful way, then we'd like to help you do so ... and help you prosper in the process.


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