Answers To Frequently Asked Questions


A: BizTrek is the leading gateway to a Scientific Marketing mindset. We teach entrepreneurs how to shift from Piñata Marketing habits to a Scientific Marketing mindset using our proprietary 12 Triggers system.

Q: What Does BizTrek Do?

A: BizTrek provides online Scientific Marketing courses and private 1-1 mentoring. Our 12 Triggers can be used to consistently make better marketing decisions. 

Q: How do you teach people about the 12 triggers?

A: BizTrek's Boot Camp is available on-demand to anyone in the world, whether they choose to work privately with a Mentor or not. When you choose to take advanatge of the 1-1 War Room experience, you can work with a skilled member of our headquarters team, or you can work with a local Marketing Mentor if one is available in your area. 

Q: How do I know if BizTrek's 12 triggers are right for me now?

A: We certainly have a lot of raving fans who have deployed our 12 Triggers system ... but the best way to know when the time is right will be reflected in your revenue growth pattern. If revenues have flatlined (you've hit a growth ceiling), then you might be wise to consider the importance of rethinking your fundamental approach to marketing. If you've been a Piñata Marketer in the past, then perhaps it's time to shift towards a Scientific Marketing mindset. That would be the time you need us!


P.S. There is also one other situation when the 12 Triggers system becomes extremely valuable to entrepreneurs. That time is when they begin thinking of selling their business. Many such entrepreneurs are surprised and disillisioned when their CPA informs them that the company is not worth as much as they hoped for (or need). The reason is that too much of the company is directly connected to the owner ... and any prospective buyer would (and should) be concerned about that. Rather than get trapped in your business, the smartest way to boost value and income quickly is to shift revenue production to a Scientific Marketing process that any potential acquirer would feel confident they could continue ... with or without the prior owner engaged.  If this situation might apply to you, you might enjoy receiving our free report ... Elegant Exit ... which you can download HERE

Q: What Do You Mean By "Piñata Marketing"?

A: Piñata Marketing is a term we coined many years ago to describe the approach used by unprepared entrepreneurs (and/or their sales managers) who blindly swat their marketing stick at a piñata bag of random tricks and tactics which they hope will spill abundant riches with just the right stroke. Sadly, they often waste energy and completely miss the mark as they flail about. That wild and unfocused tendency means they often miss key opportunities and fall short of true potential, resulting in significant loss of wealth (and even failure). BizTrek's 12 Triggers help prevent that from ever happening!

Q: What is Scientific Marketing so important?

A: We believe that many startups and promising businesses would be worth much more money, and provide much more profit to the owners, if they simply knew how to stop the "Piñata Marketing" guesswork and use Scientific Marketing processes like the 12 Triggers to make better marketing decisions.

Q: Are BizTrek's 12 Triggers Really "Unique"?

A: In all candor, the fundamental principles of business development, marketing, sales, and retention have always been true and will continue to be true. Basically, you are dealing with proven elements of human psychology and sociology, coupled with appropriate and effective communication mechanisms. The key to the success of BizTrek's 12 Triggers is our novel and easy-to-use framework and process for understanding, automating and leveraging your marketing tactics on an everyday basis.

Q: Is There Anyone Else Like BizTrek?

A: There are certainly lots of excellent business gurus in this world. Marketing advice, opinions, and options abound! However, most of those experts typically fall into the piñata trap of "make it up as you go" thinking based on their personal experiences across just a few business ventures. These advisers may provide wise counsel, but they really don't have a proven scientific formula that delivers reliable results across diverse industries, scenarios and continents. We do! BizTrek's 12 Triggers have been applied in hundreds of different industries with consistent success. The 12 Triggers put businesses on profitable CRUISE CONTROL quickly and easily. We don't know of another similar option.

Q: How Long Has BizTrek Been Around?

A: BizTrek International, Inc. was legally organized in 1994 by Gil Gerretsen. We are headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Initially, we taught our system to local companies, but by the end of our first decade, we had expanded across the eastern USA with 20 locations. In our second decade, we transitioned our approach to the online world and expanded our reach across the USA and Canada. Now, in our third decade, we're training entrepreneurs and consultants all around the English-speaking world.

Q: Where can i get Gil's "ReLaunch Code" book?

A: Gil's ReLaunch Code book is available in print or digital format and the easiest place to get it is on Amazon.