The Right Marketing
In The Right Way
At The Right Time

Why Market Share Matters

Too many companies focus on growth metrics without giving thought to the most important metric of all - market share. Market share is a much more powerful indicator of a company's future growth and profit potential than an arbitrary growth target. Market share provides critical insight to available opportunities and is a key indicator of a company's vitality and capacity — just like your blood pressure is an indicator of your body's health. A well-calibrated marketing machine will expand a company’s reputation for giving its customers what they really want most. When a progressive company is connecting with it’s audience, it will continue to increase its market share.

Why Marketing Disruption Matters

The world of business is constantly evolving. Over time, various players enter or leave the marketplace. Depending on their response to the constant evolution happening around them, a company's market share can be increasing, stagnant, or decreasing (see chart below) .

Historically, companies tend to grow in spurts and hit a growth ceiling (flatline) for a season. How they respond (and how quickly) to such transitions will determine their next cycle. An inability to make critical changes desired by the market will lead to market decline. A successful disruption or relaunch of their marketing practices will lead to significant growth, increased market share, and larger profits.


Why 12 Triggers Matter

Most of the business world tends to use their gut and best guesses (we call it “Piñata Marketing”) when responding to market evolution. They look around to see what their competitors are doing and then make similar moves. That inefficient status quo mentality does not lead to disruptive changes in marketing practices and market share. To change the status quo, you need to install a disruptive marketing system that is customized to your company’s unique capabilities and to your customer preferences.

If you’re the founder or leader of progressive company seeking to boost market share and change the status quo, then you should shun marketing advice from “Piñata People” who rely on erratic experience or poorly-informed guesswork rather than a proven and reliable marketing system. For over 25 years, BizTrek’s 12 Triggers marketing system has been helping ambitious leaders of promising companies eliminate marketing guesswork and quickly achieve significant and sustainable market share improvements.