Zero To $10,000 In 2-4 Weeks

Become a Marketing Mentor. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming interested in the Scientific Marketing approach to business growth. They've long been frustrated by the guesswork and poor results associated with the piñata marketing mindset and need skilled guides who can help them build the business they deserve.

If you are (or hope to be) a marketing consultant or coach who would be interested in establishing a sound professional practice in your local business community, then perhaps we should talk.

We can show you how to grow your income from zero to $10,000/month (or similar equivalent if you are outside the USA or Canada) in as little as 2-4 weeks ... and then continue to grow that amount with a sustainable monthly income for years to come.

Why incur all the pain of crafting your own model when you can use ours for free?

That's right. As a member of our professional Marketing Mentor network ("The Guild") we'll help you get started leveraging our online courses to help promising entrepreneurs in your network. There's no franchise fee, no license fee, no territories, no quotas and no barriers. Your clients will buy the courses and then pay you for your insight and advice.

Our goal is to promulgate the Scientific Marketing mindset as widely as possible. We think that can best be done by growing a global network of like-minded professionals who use the ReLaunch Code as the foundation for their professional practice. 

If you'd like to have a confidential chat about your business and situation, simply complete this online form and we will arrange an appointment with you. 


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