Unleash Your Marketing Juggernaut

ReLaunch Phase

Using an efficient combination of private-access seminars and 1-1 mentoring, we will first help you understand each of the 12 Triggers and then design appropriate marketing strategies and tactics for your firm. Our goal will be to help you relaunch your marketing machine, speed up near-term revenue production, and boost your long-term market share and profit prognosis.

Typically, we will help you install one of the 12 Triggers every other week (the accelerated option is weekly).

This innovative combination of BizTrek’s tools and resources greatly improves the speed and impact of putting your new Marketing Action Plan (MAP) together. We will help you do the right marketing - in the right way - at the right time.

Market Share Mentoring for 12 Triggers Planning Phase

Attack Phase

Once you’ve developed your preliminary Marketing Action Plan, then HOW you execute and manage your new strategies and tactics can make or break your relaunch! The Attack Phase seeks to activate all of your chosen marketing weapons and effectively deploy your marketing “troops” onto the battlefield. During this phase, we will help you:

  • Safely navigate around the landmines that might sabotage your efforts.

  • Recognize and respond to marketplace twists and turns that will certainly come your way.

  • Internalize and master the 12 Triggers marketing flywheel so you can trust and rely on your own understanding and skills.

During the Attack Phase, you’ll continue meeting with your mentor twice per month to focus on activating and deploying each Trigger. This ongoing mentoring method allows you to master the 12 Triggers flywheel and optimize all the processes into your firm’s activity.

Market Share Mentoring for 12 Triggers Attack Phase

Flywheel Phase

The Flywheel Phase is focused on establishing a sustainable growth presence in the new “territory” that you have acquired. You’ll convert your marketing flywheel into a machine that will almost run on autopilot and keep your Marketing Action Plan healthy and effective.

You’ll feel more secure and empowered as you rocket your firm to new heights. We’ll continue to help you avoid the marketing piñata and show you how to build growing market share results you can count on - whether you ultimately want to build towards plentiful and reliable cash flow, acquire competitors, or sell the firm for it’s optimal value. Our goal is to help you keep the flywheel spinning.

Grow your company faster, easier, and with less risk.

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