How To Find More Customers Fast

Once you unlock and deploy BizTrek’s 12 Triggers, you’ll feel more empowered as you rocket your business to new heights. You’ll know how to blast through historical “growth ceilings” and convert your business into a marketing machine that can almost run on autopilot.

Whether you want to build towards plentiful and reliable cash flow - or sell your business for it’s optimal value - you need to know and deploy 12 Triggers that always produce more customers. Stop swatting at the marketing piñata and start building results you can count on!

STEP 1: The Boot Camp

Unlock Your Marketing Puzzle

Experience has shown that supplementing your BizTrek Courses with private guidance from a BizTrek Master Mentor greatly improves the impact and speed of putting your marketing puzzle together in the right way. A skilled mentor helps you see the right answers faster, easier, and with less risk.

The key to unlocking and placing the key pieces of the puzzle is to work with your mentor to stage each process sequentially and then deploy your tactics with maximum precession and impact.

How does it work?

The “90-Day” Boot Camp process is designed to help you relaunch your marketing machine, speed up near-term revenue production, and boost your long-term marketing and revenue prognosis.

You’ll generally complete one of BizTrek’s courses each week followed by a one-hour private meeting with your BizTrek Master Mentor to discuss and apply the course materials to your business.

Typically, you’ll meet for three consecutive weeks followed by a one-week break so you can focus on initiating deployment of the new strategies and tactics developed with your mentor.

Bottom Line: The Boot Camp goal is to help you learn the 12 Triggers system and also make quick improvements that start driving new revenue as soon as possible.

STEP 2: The War Room

Control Your Battlefield

Once you’ve learned the 12 Triggers system through BizTrek’s Boot Camp process, and developed your preliminary Marketing Action Plan, then HOW you execute and manage the new tactics can make or break your marketing relaunch!

The War Room is a 9-Month 1-1 relationship with your BizTrek Master Mentor that typically immediately follows the 90-Day Boot Camp. It is designed to provide customized private guidance as you deploy your marketing “troops” onto the battlefield.

BizTrek’s War Room process is how you learn to safely navigate around the landmines that might sabotage your efforts.

BizTrek’s War Room is how you learn to recognize and respond to marketplace twists and turns that will certainly come your way.

BizTrek’s War Room is how you’ll learn to internalize and master the 12 Triggers system so you can trust your own skills and also use them on any other future ventures.

How does it work?

During the 1-1 War Room process, you’ll typically meet with your mentor twice per month (for about an hour each time) to focus on testing, activating, and revising, your marketing initiatives.

This training method allows you to become comfortable with the 12 Triggers and integrate all the processes into your business. The ultimate goal is to help you become a skilled practitioner.

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