How To Find More Customers Fast

Once you unlock and deploy BizTrek’s 12 Triggers, your marketing campaigns will rocket your business to new heights. You’ll blast through historical “growth ceilings” and convert your business into a marketing machine that will almost run on autopilot.

Whether you want to build towards plentiful and reliable cash flow - or sell your business for it’s optimal value - you need to know and deploy 12 Triggers that always produce more customers. Stop swatting at the marketing piñata and start now to build reliable results!

STEP 1: The Boot Camp

Unlock Your Marketing Puzzle

Using a strategic blend of online courses and private mentoring, BizTrek’s 12 Trigger Boot Camp will help you put your marketing puzzle together in the right way.

Certainly there are no magical answers in marketing, but the 12 Triggers reveals the right answers faster, easier, and with less risk. Our key to helping you unlock and place each piece of the puzzle is to stage each step of the process sequentially.

How does it work?

OPTION 1: Monthly Boot Camp

This is our original and “budget friendly” option. You’ll learn and deploy one of the 12 Triggers each month. Before each private monthly meeting you’ll view your assigned online course and then work privately with your BizTrek Mentor for about an hour to discuss and apply the course materials to your business. Your mentor’s goal will be to help you make quick improvements that start driving new revenue as soon as possible.

OPTION 2: Weekly Boot Camp

This is the “90-Day” option for people who need or want to speed up the near-term revenue production process. Each week you’ll view your assigned online course and then meet with your BizTrek Mentor for about 45-60 minutes to discuss and apply the course materials to your business. Typically, you’ll meet three times each month followed by a one week break so you can focus on full and proper deployment.

STEP 2: The War Room

Control Your Battlefield

The War Room is a 1-1 mentoring relationship that provides customized private mentoring as you deploy and manage your marketing “troops” onto the battlefield.

Once you have learned the 12 Triggers through BizTrek’s Boot Camp process, and developed your preliminary Marketing Action Plan, then HOW you execute and manage the new tactics can make or break your marketing relaunch!

BizTrek’s War Room process is how we guide you around the landmines that might sabotage your efforts.

BizTrek’s War Room is how we help you respond to the marketplace twists and turns that will certainly come your way.

BizTrek’s War Room is how we help you internalize and master the 12 Triggers so you can trust in your own skills and also use them on any other future ventures.

How does it work?

OPTION 1: Monthly Mentoring

Once the deployment is underway, many BizTrekers (that’s you) choose to continue their private monthly meetings to monitor progress and adjust for shifts in the marketplace.

OPTION 2: BizTrek Blitz

In more complex or competitive situations, you’ll work with your BizTrek Mentor twice per month to better manage your tactics.

P.S. It’s important to know that the Boot Camp course insights are not something you can magically figure out on your own. Believe us, we’ve tried that option, but inevitably folks decide that a skilled mentor is crucial to getting it right and building the business they deserve.

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