How To ... Add $10K In 28 Days ... As A Scientific Marketing Mentor

There's a great new wave coming in the field of marketing. Marketing has reached the status of science and THAT creates a powerful new business opportunity for savvy marketing consultants and coaches! 

So what? Well, as the understanding and need for skilled Scientific Marketing counsel increases, savvy entrepreneurs have begun looking for like-minded coaches and consultants who can provide practical and affordable guidance.

You can be the skilled guide they are looking for ... and build an even stronger professional practice in the process!

How? For several decades, BizTrek has been teaching the principles of Scientific Marketing system to entrepreneurs worldwide through a combination of online courses and private mentoring. We call it the "1-1 War Room."

Now, as determined CRUSADERS for the Scientific Marketing mindset, we've seen the need for a community or consortium of independent marketing consultants and coaches who share the Scientific Marketing philosophy. We're calling it "The Guild."

Our role is simple. We've started building a FREE mutual support network dedicated to helping qualified consultants and coaches get started down this path.

If you'd like introduce yourself to our new consortium, and quickly boost your income by $10K in just 28 days, then your first step should be to read our free "Position Paper" which addresses some of the fundamentals of our Scientific Marketing mindset. Then, if you agree with our perspectives, and feel that further conversation is appropriate, we will arrange a time to do so.

Onward & Upward

Gil Gerretsen
Founder & President

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